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ASC Online

An online resource for academic support.

Project Brief

ASC (Academic Support Center) Online is not only an online learning platform but also an open-source platform that’s accessible by students, faculty, and staff to share knowledge. ASC Online will normalize the use of academic support services and to promote the use of services available to students. The platform will contain three primary sections of content. The sections will be entitled “lessons,” “series,” and “community.” In this project, my role was UX and visual designer, and I was also heavily involved in the branding design.

Project Analysis

I conducted a couple user interviews about students’ study moods and methods.


In the beginning, we were not 100% sure what content we’d like to include on the this site. It was more like an reading practice site — students set up their reading plan and kept track of their learning process daily. Then, due to limited bandwidth, the goal shifted to a self-service learning mode: Students could click through all videos on writing, math, and more.

Here are some of the concept ideas I put forward.


Home Page

The home page acts as a portal, and the sections from top to bottom are “How Can ASC Center Help You?” and “Who We Are.” It is also the entrance for various topics, additional help, featured classes (phase two), and an ASC team introduction.

Series Page

The series or topic page contains the content under each topic. Different learning formats, like video, articles, or multimedia, can be found or searched. They are listed by date.

Other Pages Design

Responsive Design

I also worked on the ASC iPad application as our next approach for students’ online learning experience.

UI Kit Design

What I've Learned

I started with on this project as on on-site as an lead UI/UX designer in R.I.T. I kept working on this project after moving to New York City. Although I had a full-time job, I committed at least 10 hours per week to this project,including communicating with producers, mentoring junior branding designers, and packing final deliverables for the developer. Teamwork with remote team helped me set up a solid technical communication style. I also learned how to articulate ideas fearlessly. I learned how to build a team and cultivate design leadership at this point.

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