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Never stand still,

Always moving.

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I design user experiences for digital product and marketing sites.

I currently work for Originate as a senior UX designer, based in NYC.

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A good communicator
is good listener first.

I help people feel free to speak and focus on their needs and concerns. By having an open mind to the views and opinions of others, I find it is helpful to link together pieces of information that reveal the ideas as a whole picture.


Never stop asking “why.”
Think outside of the box.

I solve complex problems for clients by finding the root cause by dedicated research and user interviews researches. And I never hesitate to get my hands dirty when I’m not familiar with an industry. Just like a detective, I first define the problem before moving forward.


A graceful workflow,
from concept to prototype.

As a highly creative yet disciplined designer, I first sketch out my ideas and boil them down to translate requirements for a product's optimal functionality into interactive solutions. I solve complex problems for clients by finding the root cause, developing the simplest answer, and speaking through visual language.


The “test, analysis,
revise” loop.

I create user-centric designs that take user usability, market analysis, customer feedback, and metrics findings into consideration. I care about the output of design and how it makes a positive impact to my client and end user.

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